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New Layered Encaustic Works by Amy Royce

Contemporary abstract painter Amy Royce is an artist embracing the ancient art of encaustic painting as well as new mediums, while continually striving for new ways to express herself with her art. Her work is luminous and colorful using layers upon layers of fused wax to create abstract portraits of the physical form and patterns […]

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Carolyn Emole and the Spiritual In Abstraction

Growing up in a suburb just outside of Chicago, Carolyn Emole gained experiences and lessons seen in her art today, with multiple layers highlighting aspects of her unique experience. Carolyn describes her work as ethereal, mystical and emotional. In her paintings, whether on wood, paper or canvas, she uses layers of translucent oil paint to […]

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Helen Frankenthaler, American Legend (1928 – 2011)

QUOTE: I wonder if my pictures are more “lyrical” [that loaded word!] because I’m a woman. Looking at my paintings as if they were painted by a woman is superficial, a side issue, like looking at Klines and saying they are bohemian. The making of serious painting is difficult and complicated for all serious painters. […]

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American Art Award Winners

Congratulations to the many amazing artists who recently won different categories in the American Art Awards contest.  This contest is juried by 25 Art Gallery owners from around the United States.  It even includes a very timely category of Teen Bullying for teenage artists.  Some of these artists will amaze you.  My favorite is the […]

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