Frequently Asked Questions
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How much does an appraisal cost?

Because all of our clients and their situations are different, we work on an hourly or per project basis, depending on our clients needs.  Formal written appraisal reports start at $450 and go up depending on the number of artists and/or works involved.  After our initial telephone or in person consultation, we will be able to understand the scope of work involved, and will provide you with a proposal outlining the scope of work, including a set fee schedule.  Click here to view our Fee Schedule

Can you help me catalogue and inventory my artwork collection?

Some of our clients are not ready for an art appraisal, but prefer to have an inventory and collection management system created, which can be easily updated.  We can create a full service inventory and catalog, which includes digital photographs, all relevant information on the artist and artwork, which can be easily updated.  This provides the basis for a written appraisal, which if requested later by the client, the fees would be credited toward future appraisal fees.

What if I'm not sure which pieces to include in an appraisal?

We can help you determine which pieces to include in the art appraisal during the initial walk through.  We will make recommendations on which pieces to definitely include as well as which items to merely include in the inventory.  We recommend all of the artwork be included in the written appraisal which is part of a proper estate planning program.  However, we understand that because of budget constraints, sometimes the inventory and appraisal needs to be tailored to the more valuable items.

I have some art that I need to sell, can you help with that?

We specialize in helping our clients with all of their fine art needs, which often includes selling artwork.  Like all of our services we provide, our art brokerage services are always confidential and discreet.  With our network of private dealers, auction houses, art galleries and consultants, as well as private collectors, we are able to advise and assist the best possible market for your fine art.  Our services range from resale advising to full service art brokerage, including packing, shipping and payment of artwork.  We tailor our services to your level of interest in being involved in the process and your budget.  Our commissions for brokering work vary depending on the scope and level of work involved.

Can you help me purchase art?

Our Art Consulting services include comprehensive services for clients wishing to purchase a single piece of art as well as corporations starting a collection.  Whatever your level of collecting or budget, we work with your needs in mind, and help you find the right work within your budget.  We offer a complimentary consultation to better understand your needs, style and budget before we begin.

Can you recommend a good conservator or insurance carrier?

As part of our comprehensive services for all of your fine art needs, we have resources which we have personally used that we regularly recommend and coordinate with our clients.   We help with all of your fine art needs, including; coordinating and recommendation of best Art Insurers, custom framers, professional installers, conservators, art handling and transportation, fine art storage and collection management.

I coordinate a corporate art collection and we are not sure what individual works are worth, can you help us?

We specialize in helping our clients to re-organize and de-accession entire collections as well as parts of a collection.  We will do an inventory and current market appraisal on the works of art, and make recommendations on:
What to sell
What to re-frame or repair
What to keep
What to donate

Often, corporations and smaller cultural institutions have works of art that have been hidden or uncatalogued, which may be valuable and provide a significant source of revenue for the company, enabling them to re-structure and update the entire program, as well as provide much needed services.  We can help you to resell any of the works in the collection if you decide to do that.

Fee schedule

Fee Schedule for Art Appraisal and Consulting Services


Professional Appraisal and Consulting                                    $150 / hour

Report printing/binding/copying                                             $10 – $25 each

Travel time (billed at ½ hourly rate)                                          $75 /hour

* Travel and per diem expenses                                             billed at actual cost

Office expenses such as:

Copying, shipping, extra fees for signature and

price databases and other expenses                                      billed at actual cost

Verbal Approximation of Value                                                 $150 per item

Minimum fee for a formal written appraisal report                    $450

Specialist Appraisers and Authentications as needed              billed at actual cost

Expert witness testimony:

Full day rate                                                                      $1200

½ day rate                                                                        $  600

As a general estimate of completing a thorough and accurate written appraisal, we estimate time involved between ¾ hour and 1 hour per item.

A retainer fee of $500 is required for all new appraisal clients.